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If you enjoy this blog there are several key methods readers can utilise which would help this blog improve and grow.

1) Commenting: Comments sparks debate and helps expand on any issues discussed. I would also like to hear so some constructive criticism as it will help me develop as a blogger.

2) Follow/Sharing/Upvoting: If you enjoy what you read please follow, there are a couple follow options on the right hand column of the blog. Also share it facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites, this would help me reach a wider audience.

3) Donating: Donations would allow me to free up more time to read and blog. Also as I am beginning a PhD this year so my book expenditure is about to rise quite a bit. My PhD is atheist related as I am studying early Christianity, biblical exegesis, and hermeneutics. I shall be blogging about anything interesting I come across during my studies. I am also founding an atheist/Humanist society in my University (NUIG) so any donations will help me contribute more of my time and finances to the establishment of the society. So if you enjoy my blog any contributions are welcome and most appreciated.

A big thanks in advance, firstly for reading my blog and secondly if you were able to do any of the options above.


  1. Hi Peter. Great blog. I love reading your arguments on these topical issues.

    1. Thank you very much, appreciate it. Hope you keep reading.

  2. very well written keep it up