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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Woman Has Homophobic Slurs Carved Into Her During Assault

A woman in Lincoln, Nebraska was attacked in her own home while she slept. Three masked men broke into the woman’s house, stripped her naked and then proceeded to assault her with a knife. The woman was targeted because she was a lesbian. The assailants carved homophobic slurs into the woman’s arms and stomach, such as dyke; homophobic statements were also spray-painted in her basement. After the attack they poured some gasoline and set the house alight. Luckily, the woman was able to escape and get to a neighbour and raise the alarm.

The attack is simply barbaric. To attack somebody purely on the basis of their sexual orientation is a hate crime, but somehow this attack has not been viewed as such by the police. Somehow having homophobic slurs spray-painted in the basement and the word dyke carved into her body is not enough evidence to prove homophobia was the motive behind the attack. This is a moot point however, as I am sure it will be labelled a hate crime in due course, however, one feels that if it was a race hate crime and racial slurs used then there would be no delay it the case being labelled a hate crime, anyways, I digress.

Simple fact is, as long as religions teach that there is something perverse and wicked about homosexuality then attacks such as this will continue to occur. Admittedly there is no evidence to suggest the attacks were religiously motivated but I ask what other motivation could there be, homophobia is almost exclusively propagated by the religious community. Also the words ‘leave kids alone’ were sprayed. The claim that homosexuals are also paedophiles is also a claim made solely by the religious, especially by evangelical Christians. With the equal marriage debate heating up and more homophobic rhetoric spewing from the altar, I fear more attacks like this are forth-coming. The only ways to stop such attacks are to teach people that homosexuals are not perverse and are equal to everybody else, and police and people in general need to treat homophobia and homophobic slurs just as gravely as they do racism.

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  1. Fucking hell that's unreal. I wonder could it have been some bastard('s) who had their advances knocked back? Only other ridiculous motivation I can think on apart from religious zealousness.