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Friday, 6 July 2012

Racism in the Name of Religious Freedom

I have written in two previous posts, Religious Discrimination Could Soon be Legalised and  Persecution of Christians in Today's Society: Religious Freedoms V. Civil Liberties, about the dangers of discrimination being legally permitted. There have been attempts by many Christian pressure groups to allow freedom of conscience or freedom of religion. In reality they want to deny homosexuals equal marriage rights and not provide people with contraceptives etc. The problem with this is where do you draw the line, if Christians are allowed to discriminate based on their religion then every religion would be allowed to discriminate based on theirs. Also who decides exactly what is and isn't religiously permitted. Basically if one form of religious discrimination is allowed then all forms are allowed and basic civil rights and law essentially become worthless. The dangers of this are obvious and can not be overstated.

This week in Winfield Alabama there is a conference for Pastors, sorry I mean WHITE Pastors, Pastors of any other race are not invited. Thankfully there has been some uproar among the towns residence and authorities are getting involved. Below is video of a news report regarding the conference and a link to another video in a Huffington post article.

Now I will not discuss the obvious immorality and racism of the situation, however, I would like to discuss the more moderate Christians' involvement in this situation. Specifically those Christians who believe it is ok to discriminate against homosexuals based on their religion. You will no doubt hear many hypocritical views on this situation by these Christians with typical excuses such as 'they are not true Christians' and 'they are not following the teachings of Christ'; however if they continue to assert that religious freedoms should trump civil liberties then they are supporting this sort of blatant racism. They can not (they probably will however) deride racism or sexism based on religious beliefs on one hand while maintaining religious beliefs should be allowed to be expressed without interference by the government. If they want to express their religion in a discriminatory fashion and have their expression of religion protected in law then they are morally culpable any time racism or sexism occurs in the name of religion. 

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