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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bishops Fired for Mismanagement but Not For Child Abuse Cover-Up

One of the many disgusting elements of the Catholic child sex scandal is the manner which the Vatican refuses to intervene in a meaningful way. The Pope claims that the Bishops are masters of their own diocese and he is not in control of them so the culpability lies with them. This is in response to lawsuits which are seeking to hold Vatican responsible for priests who abuse children. However this excuse is quite ludicrous, especially when you consider that the Pope has intervened and fired Bishops, showing that he is their supervisor and can step in if they are not doing their job properly. So why hasn't the Pope fired any Bishops who were either charged with abuse themselves who were implicated in the cover-up of child abuse? And what were these heinous crimes that were committed to actually get the Bishops fired? Well the most recent Bishop to get fired was Robert Bezak of Trnava, Slovakia. No official reason was given for his removal; however, Italian news media suggests it was due to administrative issues, Bezak himself believes his criticism of his predecessor was key to his sacking.  He has sacked two other Bishops for similar administration issues, one in the Congo and one in Italy. He also sacked a Australian Bishop, William Morris, for suggesting the Church should consider ordaining women and married men. It has been suggested and I agree with it, that the Church operates like a Corporation, it purely has its own self-interest at heart; and the churches actions over the child sex scandal is definite proof of this. The fact that Bishops are being fired for simple mismanagement or for being progressive whereas paedophile Bishops and those who took part in cover-ups remain, this just goes to show the mentality of the Vatican and the Pope. The organisation and conformity of the Church comes before the welfare of the children under their care.

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  1. Nothing a few multi million dollar/euro verdicts wouldn't change.

    Hit those baby raping enablers hard enough in the pocketbook and they'll pay attention good.