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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Religious Discrimination Could Soon be Legalised

I wrote in a previous post about the dangers of religious freedoms trumping civil liberties and if religious discrimination was made legally allowable. Now in Michigan a bill has been passed which allows such discrimination. In 2009 a student, Julea Ward, at Eastern Michigan University was expelled from her counselling program because of her religious beliefs which see homosexuality as a sin.  Julea refused to offer her counselling services to homosexuals, so based on this blatant act of discrimination  the University expelled Ward from the course. But after the Sixth U.S. Circuit of Appeals ruled in favour of Ward, the Michigan House passed the ‘Julea Ward Freedom of Conscience Act’. This will allow people to refuse services to people based on their religious beliefs. Obviously the promulgators are directing this bill towards homosexuality as that is the religious rights particular bug bear at the moment, however, it will also allow freedom of conscience to allow other forms of discrimination. Mormons will be allowed to discriminate against black people, Muslims and Christians against women etc. At present the bill is on its way to State and if passed it could open a serious can of worms. Michigan should be ashamed of itself to legally allow discrimination, the reason why Julea Ward was expelled is because discrimination is wrong and immoral and should not be allowed on the basis that it is religious discrimination. If these sort of bills become common, and the religious are trying their hardest, then a generation of children will grow up believing discrimination is acceptable and societal progress will once again be regressed by religion.

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