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Friday, 22 June 2012

In Ireland, Children are Far More Likely to be Abused by a Priest

While on a reddit today I read a comment 'Nobody has ever been able to provide actual statistics about this. Do priests commit sex offenses at a higher or lower rate than the general male population?' When it comes to the Catholic child sex scandal another one of the most frequent defences used by Catholic apologists is the ‘it was only a minority’ excuse. While this may be technically true it is by no means a justifiable reason, especially when the true figures are quite revealing. In Ireland, work done by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church revealed 1 in 14 priests since the 1940’s had an allegation made against him, which is 7% of the priesthood. So yes, technically a minority of the priesthood but a significant minority and well above the national average, so children were far more likely to be sexually assaulted by a Priest rather than an ordinary member of the public. Also this only takes into account cases were allegations were made so the number could be higher, especially since more allegations have come forth since the publication of the report. So as paedophilia was much higher within the priesthood than the general populace you would think the Church would actively seek out the cause; instead they tried, and succeeded, for decades in ignoring and covering up the abuse. So the ‘minority’ excuse doesn’t quite hold water especially when you consider almost every Priest, Bishop, Archbishop, Cardinal who learned about the abuses failed to do the right thing. Each one put the Church before the welfare of the children. Now of course just because I have failed to find an example of a Priest who took the right course of action doesn’t mean there were none, however, there certainly weren’t many. So next time you hear someone defend the church by claiming it was only a minority or the same rate of paedophilia existed in and outside the church you know it’s blatantly untrue and a huge problems does exist within the church and it’s only by admitting to these issues can they start dealing with them.

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