f Humanisticus: Casino Worker Being Reprimanded for Carrying Pocket Bible

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Casino Worker Being Reprimanded for Carrying Pocket Bible

A Casino in Auckland is reprimanding an employee for carrying a pocket bible with her at work. She has worked in SkyCity for 16 years and received a letter which informed her that she was in breach of the uniform code and she will have a disciplinary meeting to discuss it. Grainne Troute, SkyCity general manager group services said ‘different roles have different uniform standards but as a general principle staff in customer service roles are in breach of SkyCity's uniform standards if they carry items such as mobile phones, books and other items which might interfere with their full engagement with their customers.’ So it quickly dawned on me that the woman wasn’t being reprimanded for carrying a pocket bible, it was due to the fact she was carrying a book, the contents of which are wholly irrelevant. I then began to wonder why this was even news worthy, why has the simple matter of an employee disciplinary meeting resulted in newspaper coverage? Because once again Christians think they are being singled out and prosecuted. If this person was carrying any other piece of fiction (see what I did there) then they would have simply went to the meeting, accepted whatever slap on the wrist the employers dealt and gotten on with their jobs; but as it concerned the bible then it has made national papers and her union has gotten involved. Mike Treen of Unite, her union, asked ‘since when does carrying a Bible in your pocket become unlawful in New Zealand workplaces?’ Obviously he completely missed the point; all literature is banned, not just religious books. I have written before on the topic of ‘Christian Persecution’ where some of the cases mentioned were Christians who felt persecuted because they were forced to obey the same rules as everyone else. If not being granted special privilege is the new benchmark for persecution then I think almost every human would have a pretty strong case.

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