f Humanisticus: British Social Workers Considered Sending Boy to Congo for 'Deliverance'

Monday, 25 June 2012

British Social Workers Considered Sending Boy to Congo for 'Deliverance'

As the headline states, British social workers actually considered sending a boy to the Democratic Republic of Congo to be exorcised in a Pentecostal church. They sent an expert in African religions, Dr Richard Hoskins, to Congo to research the possibility of allowing the boy endure an exorcism or a 'deliverance' as they call it. The mother of the boy requested the boy be sent to the Congo as she believed the boy to be possessed by an evil spirit or 'kindoki' and he needed to be 'delivered'. This requires the boy to be starved of food and water for three days after which the deliverance team will surround the boy and pray the kindoki away. Now you may forgive the social workers for considering it if they were completely ignorant of of these sort of rituals, however, there have been many high profile cases where a child has been abused or even killed because their parents believed they were possessed. Many are beaten and cut with razor blades, one girl had chilli pepper rubbed into her eyes and genitalia. The case of Victoria ClimbiƩ and Kristy Bamu are but two examples of high-profile cases where death has occurred, in both cases they were tortured for a long period of time. So although the boy is safe, the fact that they considered it reveals a worrying trend that seems to be growing in the UK and in Europe as a whole. In the interests of being 'politically correct' government organisations are ignoring abuses in the interests of multiculturalism. I am an advocate of a pluralist multicultural society but abuses should not tolerated. Dr. Hoskins alleges 'women and children from diverse cultural backgrounds are suffering horrendous abuse, and even death, because authorities are too afraid to intervene'. A perfect example is the case, again in the UK, where cops failed to investigate an Asian paedophile ring for fear of being perceived as racist, this failure allowed more than 50 young girls to be abused before the authorities eventually intervened. Of course the police are to blame here but so is the culture which allows political correctness to prevent governmental institutions from doing their job. In another example, police in London were actively stopped from doing their job which resulted in the deaths of many. In a certain suburb of London knife crime was on the rise among a certain age group of a specific race, (I shall not reveal what age group or race as it is completely irrelevant), so the Police began targeting this group in this area for random searches and knife crime decreased, however, they were accused of racism and the politically correct culture put pressure on the Police and they had to stop the profiling even though they had all the statistics to support them, and of course knife crime returned to its previous levels. It is imperative that people are tolerant of different beliefs and cultures, however, a firm line needs to be drawn. We cannot allow barbaric rituals and customs to flourish in the interests of multiculturalism, the woman who requested her boy be exorcised should have been admonished and informed how wrong such a practice is. Instead they considered her request which merely validates the belief that children can be possessed by demons and this is the sort of message that we must not allow be spread especially given the outcome of such beliefs.


  1. Are you sure you have the correct city? This sounds like something out of Bed-Sty in Brooklyn.

  2. Indeed it does, but now it's happening in Britain too.