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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Atheism: The Only Thing Christianity, Judaism, and Islam Can Agree On

While cycling home today and daydreaming as I always do a curious thought arose. A thought which has probably already occurred to many but has somehow eluded me until today. The three Abrahamic religions have been fighting and persecuting each other for two millennia and currently still do. There were crusades, jihads, inquisitions, forced conversions, genocides, a multitude of wars, economic infringements; an endless list essentially. Today Christians are being persecuted in some Islamic nations, especially Iran. Christians and Muslims are approaching civil war in Nigeria. Muslims are being persecuted in Palestine, and Jews are persecuted in almost every Muslim state, they are not even allowed into some. Despite all this, I have seen a recent rather disturbing trend; they are all able to agree on one thing: atheists are evil and immoral. They somehow forget all previous transgressions and ignore current troubles to focus on the evil that is ‘militant atheism’. They are united in debates and protests, Rabbis are meeting Priests, Imams conversing with Pastors, Pastors discussing with Rabbis, and so on and so forth, all in the name of combating atheism and secularism. Even  US Christians are also less frequently identifying themselves by their denominations such as Baptist, Anglican, Catholic, Mormon etc. but simply as Christian in a form of reactionary unity against secularism. The ironic and quite tragic thing is that it is we atheists who advocate the equal treatment of all beliefs and non-beliefs. A secular society tries to achieve just that, a government which rules over all its citizens equally regardless of their beliefs. Considering each religion preaches that they are religion of peace and tolerance then why are they rallying against an idea which prevents one religion persecuting another? Can it purely be because the idea of secularism is backed by people who don’t believe in a god? Or is it something much more disturbing, i.e. the need for each religion to be treated as special and s the one true religion. What will happen if they succeed in defeating secularism, will they return to the previous state of hostilities and mutual persecution? It is anybody’s guess but I do find it a curious thought that atheism and secularism are the only things that have been able to unite these religions since their foundations.

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